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A special note from our District Commissioner, Charlie Ferguson

Pine Tree Std 4C

As District Commissioner for the Kennebec Valley District, I know that Scouting is a vital influence in the lives of our youth. Every Scout I’ve talked with and every study I’ve seen have confirmed that. Thank you for your continued commitment to our youth through Scouting.

I need your help.

Every Unit completes a renewal process called “Recharter” each year by December 31stTo ensure vital Scouting activities are not interrupted, your Unit’s Recharter must be completed by that December 31st deadline.

It becomes harder to get all the needed signatures and tasks done as the holidays approach, so I’m asking for your help to get this done now. You are receiving this note as a member of a Unit’s Key 3 team. As the Unit’s Key 3, the Unit Leader (e.g. Cubmaster or Scoutmaster), Committee Chair and Chartered Organization Representative work together to complete the Recharter process each year, including the signing of the recharter materials.

To help you achieve the December 31st deadline, I am sending out this checklist of tasks. Hopefully you are already aware of these needs and they are already done. If not yet complete, your Unit is behind the point where it should be — please take action right away to complete these tasks.

1. The Roster has been corrected. You have dropped all non-participating Members from the Unit. You have checked that all participating Scouts are registered as Members in the Unit. You have confirmed that Adult Leadership is accurately recorded in the Roster.
2. Youth Protection has been refreshed. Every leader in your Unit, including the Committee Members and the Chartered Organization Representative, must have completed Youth Protection training in 2017.
3. Money has been collected. The Unit Recharter fee is $40. Additionally the per-Member fee of $34 includes the $33 annual registration and $1 insurance fee. The cost to receive Boy’s Life is $12 per subscriber. The Recharter worksheet can help calculate the total amount to remit.
4. Online data finalized, paper generated. The online portion of your recharter should be finalized and you have by now, downloaded a paper copy in which to attach all the hard copies of Member registrations, Youth Protection Training, and your Unit Payment method.

Pine Tree Council has requested that all materials be turned-in by December 4th to enable recharter processing before the deadline.

We would like the burden of Scouting Administration to be light so you can focus on Scouting. Assistance is available if you need help with any part of the Recharter process. Please feel free to contact me (207-485-4208) or K-Valley District Director Matt Mower (207-576-4494).

Please help us ensure on-time Recharter for all Units in Kennebec Valley District so vital Scouting activities can continue uninterrupted.

DistrictCommissioner 4k

In Scouting Service,

Charles Ferguson,
District Commissioner,
Kennebec Valley District,
Pine Tree Council, BSA